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Can we blog without Premium Membership?

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Jenia Posted: Tue, Mar 18 2014 3:24 PM

I'm curious if my blog will disappear if I don't renew my membership which expires tomorrow.

Money is really tight at the moment, and I would like to support QCA but will have to wait until later to do so.

Perhaps when my budget is more balanced the site will be working better also.

So will my blog disappear, or can I still participate in that portion of the website without having premium membership.  Will it just be suspended for a few months until I can pay again?   Will the information remain stored and I just can't access it?

Just curious what will happen when my membership runs out.

I know I can keep talking and sharing with the great ladies here and that the most important part.

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I don't have premium membership and was able to post a "just a test" to the blogs. 



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