New to Quilting Business - Need friendly advice!

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balilewis Posted: Mon, Mar 10 2014 1:01 AM

I recently made my dream come true - I started my own wholesale company based in the USA selling batiks! I grew up in Indonesia and my family was involved in the garment industry. I remember her telling me that back in the day she knew she wanted to make garments and she actually taught herself how to sew. With her help, I was able to establish relationships with manufacturers back home and after many months of late nights (they were at the other side of the world) communicating with them, I was able to start my own company specializing in Batik fabrics.

I honestly need some advice on how to proceed next. Didn't realize that marketing is a very important part of running a business and I don't know where to start. My mother told me that I should try and find sales rep to represent my lines.. but no luck so far!

Do any of you have any advice for me? Any help will be greatly appreciated I'm really excited about this great opportunity but I'm also scared as well!

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I know nothing about marketing but I think that maybe start small, with you as the sales rep, and go to a couple local quilt shops. Tell the owners that you are just starting up and would like to offer them a special deal. Give them a good price for their first purchase from you. Get some flyers/pamphlets printed up  with photos of your fabrics and information about what all you have to offer and mail them out to other quilt shops. Good Luck!



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