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Ocydroma posted on Sun, Jan 19 2014 9:56 PM

I just found two guilds that are local to me. I was wondering if anyone could suggest things I should take. I know the machine, fabric, thread, iron, extension cord. Any thing else? I'm so excited to find these guilds to attend. One makes quilts for the community and the other works mainly on your personal projects. 


Also so I have a brother quilting/sewing machine. I would like to buy some type of carrier for it. I don't want to spend a fortune but would like to get a quality one. Either a carry or roller one. Any suggestions? 


Thanks so much!!

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Hi Ocydroma -

I know you can get reasonable priced rollers at Joann's but my husband got me one at Walmart for about $25 with many more pockets. I'd like to have a really nice one but this one will work well for me until I can afford a nicer one; however, I'm not sure they would have as many pockets. Just FYI

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Scissors. Something portable to put underneath your foot control so it doesn't slide away from you (such as shelf liner material, or a place mat made from the shelf liner material). A cushion for your chair. Depending on what you will be working on you may need a small cutting mat and rotary cutter. And check whether or not to bring your iron. Our guild decided it was better for everyone to share (at roughly 10 people per iron and ironing surface.) Oh yeah, chocolate!

Denise Smart

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If you buy a roller bag be sure your machine will fit!!  My daughter bought me one that was to small for my machine so I was forced (!!) to buy a smaller machine to use for retreats just so her feelings weren't hurt   And that's my story. 

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Lucky you - two guilds that hold sewing days!  I doubt you will need to bring an iron unless you like to have a small one by your side.  If too many people use those, however, it can easily blow fuses.  A cutting mat and large ruler might not be necessary either.  On our sewing days, we have two ironing boards and one cutting station set up for everyone's use.  I do bring my own rotary cutter so that I know I'll have a sharp blade.  I bring a multiple outlet extension cord, a cushion for the folding chair, and a small bright lamp.  I have a tote filled with notions which I've marked with my name because things get loaned out a lot.  We all take turns bringing snacks to share. 

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