I need help with quilting a printed panel!

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rammetcalf posted on Thu, Jan 9 2014 10:14 PM

Hello all,

I'm a beginner quilter - I've only learned to quilt in the last year.  I recently found out a friend is having a baby shower (very) soon, and wanted to make her a quilt in her baby room "theme", which is peacocks.  Since I'm pressed for time, I found a pre-printed panel with peacocks on it.  I'm adding borders around the edges of the panel, but I've come across two problems that I can't figure out what to do.  

1)  One side of the printed panel doesn't have a 1/4 seam allowance for me to add a border to it - it basically has NO  allowance on that side at all.  Once I add the border to that side, part of the printed panel will disappear in the seam.  Any recommendations on how to keep this from happening?

2)  Now that I've gotten the fabric home, I've realized that I have absolutely no idea how to quilt the panel.  As you can see in the picture, there are a ton of different colors (so I'm not even sure what color would be good to use), as well as a lot going on.  I had initially thought about a stipple design, but now I'm worried it would overwhelm the panel picture.  Any advice on better ways to do it?


Thanks so much for any suggestions!

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gini replied on Fri, Jan 10 2014 12:12 AM

panels are notorious for being uneven.   you can add the borders like it is or you can trim all the sides to show the same amount of pattern.  a stipple is one of the easiest patterns to do.   you can stipple every where but the bird bodies, to make them stand out.    there are a variety of filler stitches you can do.  check out leah days site, day style designs for some good ideas on quilting patterns

gini in north idaho

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I'm focusing on your words "beginner" and "pressed for time." Don't worry that there isn't enough fabric for the 1/4" border allowance on one side. Probably no one will notice but you. Every quilter sees her own imperfections, but no one else will. Here is a link to a wavy line quilt tutorial that is done with your walking foot. It is simple, super fast, looks great, and is suitable IMO for this panel. If you use a thin grey thread the quilting lines will hardly be noticeable. It will just add a subtle texture to the quilt. Another interesting choice would be to pick a shade of blue in the peacocks body. Then the wavy lines would be visible in the white background, but blend into the peacock bodies so they hardly showed there. Lay both colors of quilt thread over the panel and see which effect you like better. Happy quilting.


Denise Smart

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