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Sheyenne, thank you so much for keeping in touch with us. After all the problems we've had, not only with site issues but with lack of communication, it means a great deal.

In the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

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gini replied on Mon, Jan 20 2014 11:12 AM

Sheyenne. I appreciate that you have a tough job and my remarks aren't directed at you, but to the powers that be.    it is so nice to have someone actually communicating with us regularly.  however,  we have been told for over a year that qca is changing their platform and that things will get better.  is a year normal for these changes?  is more than a year normal?   I use several different browsers on the computers I use here and at our office.  none of them seem to be compatible with QCA.  I haven't had IE on a computer in over a year.  I  am so looking forward to this site improving and getting back to it's former glory.   all of us here have made  many friends and connections.  for some of us it is the first place we have gotten together with other quilters.  it is important to us to maintain these contacts.   you are a breath of fresh air with all the info you are communicating to us.   keep up the good work and know that I am frustrated with the situation,  not you.   seriously, understanding that  I am totally computer illiterate,  is a year time frame normal for these changes?

gini in north idaho

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Gini– I appreciate your explaining the situation from your standpoint. To answer your question, yes, a year is normal for the amount of time it takes for a website to be moved to a new server. It can take anywhere from six months to six years and we're lucky to be on the low end of that. However, we've passed the deadline we set for ourselves and your frustrations are a side-effect of that. I know it feels like you're waiting for rain in the desert, but you'll be seeing progress sooner than you think. Trust me on that.

QCA Sheyenne

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I have a MacBook Pro but still have had issues with accessing QCA just like everyone else.  It is intermittent and I have tried your suggestions, but still continue to have issues.  Some days are better than others.

 I'm still thinking about whether I should renew my subscription in May or go elsewhere. I think it lies on how QCA works (or doesn't) between now & May.


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Patricia Faye:

 I'm still thinking about whether I should renew my subscription in May or go elsewhere. I think it lies on how QCA works (or doesn't) between now & May.


Patricia, You don't have to pay to use this site. The subscription entitles you to the magazine and some free patterns and videos. You can still access the forums, groups, show and tell, etc without paying. I'd hate to see so many people leave this site. It's still my favorite, even with all the issues.



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