HELP!!! Stains on wedding quilt MIL gave us! How do I get them out??

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Viki Posted: Sun, Sep 22 2013 4:54 PM

Hello everyone!  Before I explain the problem here, let it be known that I was not a quilter or crafter of any kind when I was married in 1995.  That being said...

My MIL made us a quilt for our wedding Nov 1995. It's done in greens & white. When we rec'd it, we had 2 black, shedding cats who slept with us every night & laid on the bed during the day. Because of this, we decided to store the quilt & bring it out when MIL came to visit, around St. Pats Day, etc. The rest of the time it was stored in a plastic bag in our closet (hubby put it on the floor).  He grew up around quilts, so I figured he knew what he was doing. I'd never owned a quilt in my life!

Fast forward to about 2006 when we moved. Hubby came across quilt & opened it to look at it. We have no idea why, but there are yellowish stains on certain parts of the quilt!! First we thought maybe the cats got to it, but that wasn't the case. We just swore not to tell his mom about it (& she's never asked about the quilt since she gave it to us).  Now that I see & am learning how to quilt (our cats have passed), I thought maybe we could use it sometimes. I'm honestly afraid of using it & having to wash it (MIL doesn't always wash fabric first).  I know now what effort goes into a quilt & I'd like to try to remove the stains. Most of them fall on dark or med green fabrics. 

Anyone have some suggestions? I'm afraid of ruining it more. If a pic would help, I can try to get one in next few days. Could the stain be from the bag or b/c it was on the closet floor in a bag? I shudder to think! I'm ashamed to even ask any of you b/c I know (now) how awful this is. I was young & stupid back then. You're all very wise, so I'm hoping you all my have some ideas. Thanks!


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I'm no expert at removing stains and I am sure others that know about them will chime in.  Has it ever been washed?   I personally LOVE Tide pods (they get out all kinds of stains for me) and I'd use a Shout color catcher too and see what happens from there.  Good luck!




I know with my vintage table cloths that laying them in the grass on a sunny day after washing helps whiten and brighten them.

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Jacy replied on Sun, Sep 22 2013 5:45 PM

I'd start with the easiest approach first. You don't know if the stain are easy to remove or not until you wash it. I would spray the stain liberally with spray and wash or some such thing, Then wash in cold water. I think I would lay it out to dry, I wouldn't want to dry it unless I was sure the stains were gone. See what that does. If it seems to help the stains, but not remove them, you could then soak the quilt for a while before washing it again, as long as it seemed to come through the first wash with no color-fast issues.


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Stephanie replied on Sun, Sep 22 2013 6:49 PM

Viki, I did a little research and found a link for you to help:

I also looked up what detergents have the chemical sodium perborate and it came up with Purex as the only listing.

Best of luck to you.

If I were your MIL, I'd have just been thrilled that you kept it for almost twenty years now. That's really impressive and shows how much you care.

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