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Denise (denilyn) posted on Sat, Sep 7 2013 3:17 PM
I am not sure if anyone can answer this question and perhaps can point me in the right direction. I see that this site has promoted this site for taking various classes. I have sent them 3 emails and none of them have had the courtesy to answer these emails except to say they got them and will reply within 24 hours...well more than 2 weeks has gone by and I have received no answer from them. So, my question is if anyone here has taken any classes at this site, how long are they good for? I know Craftsy has some that are forever (LOL) whatever that means...either they fail or you die right... :-) I was told that the classes at this site that you sign up for are only good for 6 months. Thanks to anyone who can help me. :-)
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Denise (denilyn):
So, my question is if anyone here has taken any classes at this site, how long are they good for?


I've been here since 2009 and have never seen any classes except maybe one BOM. I could be wrong, and others are free to add to that.

 You've been here long enough to know about the mystery quilts. Outside of watching the QNNTV videos, and the wonderful experienced ladies here that I've asked for help, I've found the site to be more of a sharing than a learning site. 


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I believe Daily Craft TV is a YouTube Channel that you subscribe to.  Here is a link to their advertisement clip:


It boasts instruction by Maryanne Fons, Jodi Davis, Mary Fons (why you probably thought it associated with QCA); several other quilters (some from McCall's Quilting Magazine) and other sewing and craft media teachers.  I thought it was with QCA too at first. I also think I saw a brief ad on QCA for this in the Ad Bar on the right of the home page.

I am too happy with Craftsy - both the content of their classes and their customer service (top notch) to try this one that apparently has an expiration date attached.  I tried Quilt University for one class.  While the class was OK (IMHO), I would have preferred the Craftsy format (I am a visual learner) and the class was only available for a short period of time. ( I understand now that Quilt University is closing down.)

From your experiences with their customer service, it sounds like they are operating with the same staff (or staff issues) as QCA!  

Craftsy has been so super-successful in the last two(?) years that it is no surprise to me that a lot of companies will be trying to jump on the bandwagon with imitations.  So far, I haven't seen anything that even compares...IMHO!  My choice is still Craftsy over DailyCraftTV.

Sorry I can't help with your specific problem.   (I posted this just so people would have a better idea what it is and know to check these sites out thoroughly before spending their money. Let the buyer beware!)

 Winthrop, WA


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Right next to the original question there is an ad for Daily Craft TV that could give you the idea that it is associated with QCA. I looked at the classes but saw no info on how long the classes would be available. If it is something that you were very interested in then I would say just take one class and see how you like it. They seem to be about $10. I too have taken Craftsy classes and like that they are yours for life, either there's or yours, LOL. Although I can't see going over the same class a whole lot with some exceptions. I have  gone over Leah Day's class on quilting the BOM for pointers several times.. For the most part I probably won't go back once I complete the project, but it is nice that it is there should I change my mind. I imagine that we will see more of these type classes popping up on the net as Craftsy seems quite popular. Since all quilters, sewers, crafters, etc. are not necessarily close to a  brick and mortar place for classes the internet can certainly fill a need.

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