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Judi Posted: Thu, Jun 20 2013 9:52 PM

I just want to vent.  Sorry!

I actually made my poor DH watch his basketball game on his wide screen, fancy TV ( he wanted to watch in bed) so I could watch a webinar.  I hook my computer to the TV in our bedroom so I get a great big picture.

Well, this one was a complete waste of time.  It was a power point on using that neat prairie point ruler.  A power point is only as good as the illustrated directions that come with the ruler.  And the lady doing this used fabric that didn't have much contrast.  Her cursor was tiny and difficult to follow for most of the attendees as she kept apologizing.  Her lesson had not been well written and her presentation was poor.  I could have gotten a much better demo from a short YouTube video.  And this is someone who is supposed to be a quilting guru!

I will be lady-like and not give out her name publicly, but if you are going to teach a very publicized webinar, please be sure you have a well planned lesson plan.  Also try it out before a small group.  Use the appropriate presentation platform.  In other words if there are manipulations of fabric other than simple folding or cutting, use a video or live action demo not still pictures and power point.

Just my humble opinion but I will avoid her teaching in the future.  I feel badly for her, but my time is valuable, at least to me!


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Patti replied on Thu, Jun 20 2013 10:17 PM

One would expect a webinar to be a quality educational program.  Sorry you experienced this. 



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