Has anyone taken a Craftsy FMQ Class?

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Renee posted on Fri, Apr 19 2013 5:25 PM

Hello Ladies,

I know quite a few of you have taken Craftsy classes.  I am looking for recommendation on a FMQ class.

What class would you recommend for a beginner (had one class at the quilt show last yr)?

If you have taken these classes what is your opinion of the class?  

For those of you who long arm quilt, do you think taking a long arm quilt class (having a hard time find a FM machine class in my neck of the woods) would translate to a home machine?

As always thanks in advance for your response and advice.


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  I started LAQ-ing about 2 years ago. I only started quilting about 4 years ago and was taking my quilts to the local quilt store and renting a LAM for a few hours, but it was computerized.  Then my husband bought me a LAM to learn on.  I did take one class in the store for 4 hours then I bought a few pieces of material, just plain colors so I could see where I was quilting, then sandwiched it on the machine and started trying out a few different free motion patterns on the material.  I did some swirls, leaves, meandering, hearts, etc.  This way I could decide what pattern I like to do and just feel what the machine could do, how I liked moving the material on the leaders, how much tension I needed, ect.  Just a way to get to know my "new" friend,  Then this first quilt was given to my granddaughter for her dolls! She loves it. I also draw my patterns on a dry erase board to see how I want to plan out my quilting pattern.  As I see items in nature, I usually sketch it in an iphone app I got., That way I have a record of the pattern in case I like it and want to put on  a quilt. Just a  few ideas... 

Michelle B
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Barbara replied on Fri, Apr 19 2013 11:07 PM

Renee, Leah Day's classes are just the best. She has a very  pleasant voice and keeps it very simple so you can understand what she is doing.  Has great instructions. You can not go wrong taking her class.  I have taken just about all of the FMQ classes on Craftsy and her are just the best.   Barbara



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I have a Craftsy class on the FMQ.  It was good.  But the best class I had was at a local Quality Sewing.  She said to practice, place both hands, one on each side of the needle on your fabric.  The gloves work well for this.  In your head, count 1 2 3   1 2 3   1 2 3 ....as you count just move your hands and get a good rhythm.  Lots of tutorials on Pinterest that are free.    I don't think the long arm classes would help you much.  Try Pinterest.  If you aren't on it, let me know at roblynn54@yahoo.com   I will invite you and you can check my tutorials out I have. 


Robin Martin

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Annie replied on Sun, Apr 28 2013 7:39 AM

I signed up for a FMQ class through Crafty - Wendy Butler Burns.  I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  I haven't taken Leah Day's class but have spent many hours on YouTube following her and would recommend her class too.  She is very inspiring.


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I am taking the FMQ class with Leah Day.  I'm doing the sampler quilt.  Making the top is a free class and I paid for the FMQ.  Love it and love Leah Day.

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