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kirbyl posted on Sun, Mar 17 2013 10:29 AM

What are your thoughts on the Nolting Pro Series #LongArm Quilting Machines ... I have just purchased one and looking forward to exploring its many options.



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Hi kirbyl - I have a 2007 Nolting Pro 24 and I do like it.  They are very well made machines, the table is very sturdy.  I haven't used it as much as I should - lost almost 2 years of quilting  time due to medical problems but am back at it now.  I have many tops to get finished.  I usually use the Stitch regulator and it is a bit noisier.  I have been advised to use the regular stitch as it is a bit smoother and I want to learn to do feathers. That is my goal anyway!

The service techs are great - I had an "incident" with mine about a month ago and it scared the heck out of me.  The machine apparently jammed, red light flashing and machine making a nasty noise.  I pushed the black go/stop button and then realized the ON/OFF button is on the back of the machine!  Got it turned off, unplugged and called Nolting.  Poor gal that answered the phone just heard  "I need a technician!" When Dan came on the phone and I told him the problem and his response was "Oh, that's easy!"  It was.  I went to the back of the machine and turned the silver wheel clockwise, The needle came up and the machine could move.  I then unthreaded the machine and took out the bobbin - and then put back in.  I finished the quilt with no problem but I definitely was on pins and needles.  Dan said it would happen again sometime.  He said it could have been a little piece of thread that got in there. Very important to clean bobbin area with every bobbin change.  I use the prewound bobbins and like them.  I find them less linty and they seem to go forever.  I use a "L" size bobbin.  Buy the prewounds from either Superior Threads in Utah or Sew Thankful in New Mexico.  Both are nice folks to deal with.

You can friend me if you want to have any private conversations.  I am still a beginner on long arming but it really is fun.  Sure beats having to crawl around on the floor to pin quilts like I use to do.  

Good luck, have fun and practice, practice, practice.


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