Advice needed - I feel used

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Angele replied on Thu, Apr 4 2013 7:13 PM

Brigit, I'm glad you found a way to explain it to her.  I'm still working on quilts for my friend. I told her that I would make quilts for her DGS and daughters out of her DH shirts and ties.  So far I made one for her and one for her DGS.  IT is an emotional process especially when you know all the people involved.  I'm hoping to get two more done before Christmas.  This has been two years in the making.

I do hope you will gain a new friend through this quilt making. And who knows she just might want to learn how to share the love through quilting. I hope we will have the joy of seeing a picture of the quilt when it will be done.

Angèle  from NWO

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Sandy replied on Thu, Apr 4 2013 8:55 PM

i'm glad you found a way to handle that situation. Those things are difficult and sometimes just come out of no where.  

It does happen to a lot of people.... I'm a stay at home mom and still am. When my children were younger I was at the bus stop with them with two other gals, and one lady from down the street came to drop off her children, she said to the three of us.. I work as so who would be able to take my children for a hour or so before school and take them to the bus stop.  We all kindof looked away, she pursued it so one by one we each tried to be nice saying oh I am going to do this or that.  And since I could not just make something up I said sorry that won't work for me... she asked several more times and being younger I felt badly.   

and over the years I to have been ask to sew this or that, one lady asked me to "take in" her underpants.  I just smiled and never answered and it didn't come up again.

I hope that the quilt making goes smoothly and know you are doing a nice thing.



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Patti replied on Thu, Apr 4 2013 9:03 PM

Glad you found a resolution that worked for you Bridget.  Well done.  Any chance we can see a photo when the top is done?


Chiliwist Valley

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