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Was wondering what everyone's favorite is for a sewing machine carrier.  This would be for hauling my stuff to our quilting bee and classes.  I have looked at the Hemline 3 piece quilters set, which looks really nice.  I'm looking at the one that comes in solid, camel, black and slate blue.   Anyone have it.  Some of this stuff is a bit pricey, so I want to make the right decision the 1st time.  I have found the 3 piece set  on-line at for $139.99, and $2.95 shipping.  Cheapest I have found it.    Would love any help in making the decision.

Vicki Slawson

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gini replied on Sat, Jan 30 2010 4:18 PM

vicki, i have looked for one  for my viking.  the only one i found, that my designer 1 would fit into, was sold by the viking store and i didn't like how it opened.   not all carriers are alike, and don't fit all machines,  make sure they fit your machine.   my viking is a pretty standard size, but it bulged in the wrong place to fit most carriers.    gini

gini in north idaho

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Thea replied on Sat, Jan 30 2010 4:26 PM

i think we had another discussion about this - lol - your viking would fit in the same one that I use - Tuff is it called... can't remember - I'll get up and look later - but they come in different sizes for the different machines - mine is red and open on the side - my sewing machine fits in it nice and snug and I have flown several times with it with no difficulties... it has another piece separate that clips on to the top part where you can fit your organization boxes and patterns and all that stuff.  i love it.

I actually have several carriers for my machines - I got the one with the Maderia thread and like it too but you put your machine in it and have to use straps to keep it secure...

I also have another one - and for the life of me I can't remember its name either - got it years ago - when I first bought a new machine - it is a blue one - was nice but again i had to strap my machine in...

the one from it starts with a T - is so secure they advertise it with an almost 300 lb man sitting on top of it and it didn't crush at all - so that is why I originally got it... oh where is my memory - used to be always there...guess I need to start doing those memory exercises...


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I have one that my DH got for me at JoAnne's.  My Viking Sapphire fits in it and it came with 3 other pieces for carrying other stuff.  It's not a high quality case, but it works for me and was only about $70.00.


Southwest Florida

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