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Old quilt pieces

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Ann Sims posted on Sat, Jan 12 2013 9:42 PM

My mom passed away early last year & when my sister and I were going through an old trunk we found some partial quilt tops as well as several completed tops.  These pieces have a terrible smell & need to be laundered before trying to finish, but I am not sure what to use.  I washed some baby clothes that were in this chest with Dreft in my front load washer but was unsure if this would work for the quilt pieces.  The clothes came out smelling fresh with no apparent damage.  The quilt pieces have all been hand pieced and we think they were done by our grandmother prior to her death in 1960.  If anyone has any suggestions, we would much appreciate as we would like to preserve these pieces and hopefully complete them.

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Barbara replied on Sat, Jan 12 2013 11:22 PM

Ann, I would think the Dreft would work fine . I'd use cold water on the gentle cylce just to be safe, I never put my quilts in the dryer ,but if they stand up to washing without problems you will be more then likely ok to use the dryer if you want . Once you get them washed ,would love to see some pictures of them ..Bet they are pretty .Barbara  



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Ramona replied on Sun, Jan 13 2013 11:10 AM


I too agree that Dreft would work fine but you may consider just filling up the tub and soak them (since you have the front load and those don't use as much water? So thinking you can't just soak in the washing machine) as opposed to aggitating/spinning in the washer. I would then squeeze out as much water as possible and put on a gentle spin to get as much water out as possible. See how this works and then use the dryer or hang on the line or lay on a blanket in the yard.  Good luck and hope you find something that works and doesn't destroy your keepsakes.

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gini replied on Sun, Jan 13 2013 12:36 PM

i would hand wash them.   the edges will fray quite a bit if they aren't bound up in a quilt.  there are quilters who can finish your quilts for you if you don't have the skills, and pillow or teddy bears, nearly anything can be made out of the quilt pieces.   they can even be framed. 

gini in north idaho

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Answered (Not Verified) Angele replied on Sun, Jan 13 2013 4:15 PM
Suggested by Angele

I think I would hand wash the pieces too. First off thread count may be low. Also all the pieces might not be cotton. It's hard to tell without seeing. I would be concerned that the pieces would fray too much in the machine. 

Angèle  from NWO

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