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Twana Callahan posted on Sat, Nov 10 2012 9:55 AM

Ok, I have a question that may sound a little silly. So, bear with me, here it goes. Can I still call myself a quilter when I can't follow a quilt pattern, or physically quilt the layers together? The only thing I do is make the top, get the batting and backing fabric then I send it to a friends mother to do the handquilting. So am I still a quilter?



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Answered (Verified) Frances replied on Sat, Nov 10 2012 10:28 AM
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I dont think there any rules and regulations on what makes a quilter, some people love basting and quilting others love making the tops, every quilt is a journey every person is different, take the route which makes you happy.

lots of love


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Answered (Verified) Patti replied on Sat, Nov 10 2012 10:33 AM
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That describes many who call themselves quilters.  Although to quilt refers specifically the sewing of the layers together, it has evolved to include all parts of quilting.  We fuse instead of piece, or even paint or color our fabric.  The quilt industry is always expanding with new methods and ways of using the same tools.  Some of us specialize in one step of making a quilt.  I think we are all quilters. 

Are you a quilter?  I'd say yes. 

If you go to the big quilt shows, many quilts have the names of the one who pieced the quilt, and the one who did the quilting.  And look at all the home industry or self-employment created by having those who specialize in quilting.  We are all parts of the industry of quilting. We are quilters.


Chiliwist Valley

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Yes, I think quilting has come to mean the process of piecing, layering, and actually quilting or any part of the process. A lot of quilts use to be tied because they needed warm coverings and they did not have time to quilt them. The quilted ones were special. I actually like the look of the tied quilts and, yes, they are quilts. So, yes you are a quilter.

Life is like a quilt...bits & pieces, joy & sorrow, stitched with love

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Twana,  YOU are a quilter in my boook.  I piece the quilt top, and make the backing and send the quilt peces off to get it quilted.

Anna Joffrion

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Valerie replied on Wed, Nov 14 2012 10:27 PM

Hi Twana,

Definatly. Many quilters sent their quilt sandwiches to to others for the top stitching. There is no shame.

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