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Va' quiltar! Posted: Sun, Nov 4 2012 9:56 AM

of course when it comes just to plain fabric it is easy to find better prices, and sales are almost all over. but, talcking about our fabuolus quilting 100% cotton fabric, well - there you can really have no chance at all to find a good deal.

I was happy to hear the prices are lower in the usa. but, am I still happy for myself?

can you imagine how "easily" you quilt for a friend with such prices?

and, talking about the internet... a couple of things to look after: if you fall in love for that special shade of red you saw in a on line shop, so that you decide to go for a 2 yard cut, you'd be rather disapponted to see it was not the rusty red you were looking for, but a whitish shade that just doesn't work. all because pictures of the fabrics are not balanced in colour. or so can be you screen!!

and when you order a 2 yards cut for, let's say 16 $, they bill you let's say 12$ shipping... or, you make it a bigger sale so that in percentage the shipping is smaller... then it comes to europe and the customs add 20% taxes, and then on the total amount you get it's then another 20% taxes - I cannot even say what for! - so, what price are we now up to?

well you can see how much I get angry about it. all because manufaturers keep prices for overseas so high.

the same for all items, rulers and cutters, and mats...!

I must really love it!!


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Barbara replied on Sun, Nov 4 2012 10:06 AM

Va, I know your  prices are higher then ours ,but we are also not happy with the mark-up on fabric here. I tired to buy good fabric form the shops that have put their fabric on sale, I may not always get what I want but I know I'll find a good use for it someday.  I wish much success in trying to keep your cost down. We are all working for that as well .. Barbara



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Ramona replied on Sun, Nov 4 2012 3:25 PM

Va' quiltar,

Prices for fabric have certainly sky rocketed in the last couple of years.  Most quilt shops are $9.00 and up, mostly up. I'm so glad I have a stash.  I still buy fabric but try to get it on sale.  Even our noted JoAnn's store here has their prices in the $9.00 range.

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Patti replied on Sun, Nov 4 2012 3:27 PM

Much of the fabric we buy is not made in the states anymore.  So I wonder why the cost is so high elsewhere.


Chiliwist Valley

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ls2116 replied on Sun, Nov 4 2012 4:58 PM

It figures everything is overseas except the local high calorie burger.  Oh my there is dreaded thought if they start shipping that in.

Quilting My Rainbow

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