Buying a used Longarm Quilting Machine

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eddie posted on Mon, Aug 6 2012 5:45 PM

Does anyone have any advice on buying used longarm quilting machines   What do I watch for  What is the normal cost   How do I check it over  I am thinking an 18 inch throat bed is the minimum I should watch for  Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated   Thank You

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If you buy it through a dealer (a trade-in), you will probably get a limited warranty and instructions - a definite plus!  I bought mine from a private individual, and she had me over to her house to show me that the machine was running well, and then after I got it home and set up, she drove over and gave me a 2-hour lesson.  I thought that was really nice. It's something I think you could ask for.  

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Is there a significant savings by buying a used machine? I had never thought of looking into a used machine.

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Jacy replied on Tue, Aug 7 2012 10:20 PM

I bought mine (HQ 16) used also from a private party, not a dealer. It was considerably cheaper than buying one new.


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Considering some of the problems some of us have had with our new machines, which includes the distance we have to travel to get them fixed and take classes, your best bet would be to buy a machine from someone you trust and perhaps a machine that a co-quilter in the area has that may be able to help you with all the fine tunings.

It is great to have your own machine, its great when it is working well and the creativity flows but when you hit a glitch and can't fix it right away it is really irritating to have the brakes on until you figure out what the machine wants to work well.

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