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Sooo sleepy...and unable to sleep

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MaryLeeHayden Posted: Mon, May 7 2012 3:37 AM it just me or should I take a break? Seem to have trouble staying asleep. Should I quilt or have someone sing me a lullaby?

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Linda replied on Mon, May 7 2012 5:11 AM

I'm having the same problem, Mary. If you have someone available with a good voice, have them sing you  a lullaby. Or you could put on a good CD. BUT if you are in a guilty mood, go quilt. I like to quilt when I can't sleep but that's when I work on projects that don't require much thought.  I've been known to fall asleep at my sewing machine or computer. Hope you finally get some shut eye.



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Diana replied on Mon, May 7 2012 2:53 PM

When I get into one of those kind of nights, I drink a glass of warm milk and then sit with a good book and read.  In a matter of minutes (20 or so), my eyes get really heavy and off to bed.  It sure helps.

Diana in East Tn.

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I just get up and sew something simple.  If you fuss about not being able to sleep, it is self defeating.   I usually have a few days a month or every other month where I do some midnight seams and it dosen't hurt me.  I'm not tired the next day because I wasn't tired to begin with/  after a few days, i sleep like a log and it all works out. 

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ls2116 replied on Mon, May 7 2012 5:26 PM

quilt first then have tea and aromatherapy lavender.

Quilting My Rainbow

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Nana replied on Mon, May 7 2012 7:16 PM


When you find out how to fix this problem will you please let me know.....LOL>

Vinton, Virginia

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Let me know, too, Mary. I seem to have this problem frequently. I was still awake Sunday morning at 7am. Then I wanted to sleep the day away.

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