Easy way to cut your chained pieces apart

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TJ Posted: Tue, Mar 20 2012 1:58 PM

A while back I was at a monthly demo of new tools and books for sewing/quilting.  They showed us a new gadget to cut apart your chained pieces. 

Well, the last time I quilted and did a bunch of chained pieces, I happened to look over and spot my Clover desk needle threader, which I absolutely love for threading needles.  I noticed it had a blade on the top of it for cutting the thread after threading the needle.  Now, I've had this threader for several years and that's the first time I've noticed that blade on the top.  It's probably because I do my hand sewing at night in a not so brightly lit room.

Anyway, I thought it would work great on quickly separating my chained pieces and it does.  Just lay the chained thread over the blade, holding a fabric piece in each hand and pull down.  Cuts those pieces apart so quickly.

Yeah, I know it's not that hard to just snip, snip, snip them apart, but this puts less stress on people's hands who might have arthritic fingers or for people like me who can never find their scissors when they need them.


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Ramona replied on Tue, Mar 20 2012 2:52 PM


Great tip.  I do have a needle threader like you are talking about. Couldn't live without it. . Getting older doesn't allow me to see that needle hole. lol That little blade is so sharp and it would work great for that. I can see how that would work great for someone with arthritic fingers and it would be faster too. Certainly going to put this tip to good use.

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Patti replied on Tue, Mar 20 2012 9:07 PM

thanks TJ.  I also hadn't noticed that on the threader.  Will give it a try.


Chiliwist Valley

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