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Quilts for Foster Kids Who Need a Little Love

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quiltbyassociation Posted: Sun, Mar 18 2012 9:11 PM

I’m starting a quilting project, and I would like to invite you to join me. That's why I call it Quilt By Association. 

The purpose is to provide quilts for foster children who need some love.  

The first quilt will be for a Rhode Island teen name Shique (pronounced she-kway). She loves animals and reading, especially poetry. She does a lot of crafts and has a deep interest in Native American culture. She is struggling right now to finish school, and she needs a lift to her spirits. 

If you (and/or your friends) would send in one 8 ½ inch square, we’ll have a quilt in no time. It’s like a chain letter only better. The 8 ½ inch square can be plain, or you can add your own special touches to it—anything you think would make it more beautiful.  I’ll put all the pieces together and post a picture of the finished quilt on Twitter (@quiltbyassociation) and at 

For Shique, let’s aim for earth colors, picking up the Native American theme.

Send your squares to: 

PO Box 541841

Houston TX 77254


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Barbara replied on Sun, Mar 18 2012 10:42 PM

GBA,I think I can work up a 8" block ,I see what I can do ,sounds llike a worthy cause. Barbara



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hey gba,iam in  but what i need to know is do you wnt a quilt blk or do you want 8.5 charm blk i have some NA fabric,where i made a indian mama quilt, i was born in ft.worth but i live in father was cherokee and my dads mother ived on the res, in n.c and i would go spend summers on the res,let me know

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