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Edith replied on Sun, Nov 29 2009 8:36 PM

Welcome Matt

My name is Edith ---from Ontario Canada

Just wanted to welcome you to this forum. You will find it so informative and helpful.

Everyone is wonderful. I can not say enough good things to you.

So glad to have a fellow Canadian also.

What kind of quilting machine do you have.

Eight children wow. Must keep you and your wife very very busy.

Best of luck in your endeavours and welcome to the site. Do you have a web site or anything for your patterns???

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Eileen replied on Sun, Nov 29 2009 8:53 PM


Welcome to QCA! Glad you got your password straightened out and can join all the discussions.

You & your wife, Bradie, are wonderfully creative - thanks so much for sharing the links to your sites and posting the wholecloth quilt photo - I'm really impressed. Nice photo of your family, too.

I think there's a forum or group for mid- and longarm quilters - might be worth a look. I don't own nor have I used either type of machine - would love to someday.

Hope you enjoy QCA as much as the rest of us and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. 

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Edith replied on Sun, Nov 29 2009 9:04 PM

Oh Matt

A class with Karen.. Lucky Guy

My dream is to one day do a wholdcolth quilt befor I go to my final resting place.

What a fantastic accomplishment. Kudos to you.

How involved was it Matt. /do you think I could ever in my wildest dreams do something like that.????

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Patti replied on Sun, Nov 29 2009 9:29 PM

Matthew, I really liked both your and your wife's web sites.  Thanks for sharing them.  I really like your quilting too, specially fond of the leaf pattern.  I would guess  you are really in demand with the work you do.  I like your wife's patterns for beginners with designated levels.  I know too many quilters who were encouraged to start with very difficult quilts and almost gave up before they had really given it a chance.

Very nice family too.


Chiliwist Valley

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Do you have a web site or anything for your patterns???

Edith, he posted the web sites on the "I'm New" thread. Here's what he wrote:

Full time profession for me as a long arm quilter and becoming full time for my wife as she launches her pattern company and gets ready to open a quilt shop. My website is


and my wife's is

I added the formatting and enlarged the links. It's hard, I think, to see any links unless you set them separately and make them larger. If you leave everything the same size, the dark blue they have set for links looks just like the black. JMNSHO! :-)


Gillette, WY


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Nana replied on Sun, Nov 29 2009 11:35 PM


Just had a moment to check your wife (Bradie?) website.  It is excellent .  Great site for beginners with all kinds of good information and beautifult quilt patterns.  You both do excellent work.

Vinton, Virginia

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