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which Brand of thread is the best?

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Kathy posted on Sat, Oct 29 2011 10:59 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have a question for anyone with an opinion. Should cover everybody. I have been reading about buying the best that you can afford in fabric, machines, and...........thread. So...which brand of thread is the best. From what I understand, egyptian cotton thread is the best kind of thread due to the long staples and that it will hold up better. But I am scratching my head when I go to the different stores and look at all the quilting sites and try to figure out which brand to buy. Any thought on this folks?




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MNnancy replied on Sun, Oct 28 2012 10:57 AM

I learned about Glide in the "Longarmers Share" discussion thread, Barbara.  They make a Glide magna-bobbin, too, which I'm really liking on my HQ.  I now have LOTS of colors of this.  Not sure if I would use Glide for piecing though.  I really like Aurifil for that because it goes so far.

On the banks of the Mississippi River in north central Minnesota (Brainerd lakes area)

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thanks Nancy, I to like to use Aurifil for peicing but I wanted to try it out and see how I liked it . I'm working on a small WCQ at this time and it is working great for this .  Barbara



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thanks Nancy, I to like to use Aurifil for peicing but I wanted to try it out and see how I liked it . I'm working on a small WCQ at this time and it is working great for this .  Barbara

 And, if any of you have not seen this feast for the eyes that Barbara is creating, you MUST take a look. It is amazing.



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Joni replied on Mon, Oct 29 2012 8:02 AM


I use CT Essentials for piecing on my Brother XR65 (purchased from WalMart in 2003) and on my Baby Lock Ellegante for piecing and plain sewing.  I use the large cones and a cone thread holder on the Brother and the Baby Lock.  The Ellegante has her own cone holder which work marvelously.  I have found the cone holder works great with my Featherweight also, in fact when using large cones you MUST use a cone holder.

To date for Embroidery on my Ellegante I use Mettler Silk  and Florian Embroidery Thread.   I purchase cones when possible. I always use my cap when using horizontal spike on my machines.  I have purchased the pre-wound bobbins to use for all machines. 

Did I read here that they have pre-wound bobbins with special thread for quilting and embroidery??

My dream is for a Sara Cone Flower Thread holder or a Butterfly one, they are items #1 on my new wish list.  .  Someday!   

I believe I have Essentials on my Janome serger, love the serger, will start piecing with it, love how the strips turned out on a show & tell at AST .


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I found this by accident.  Ebay.  Salus or Ameth thread prices are just awesome.  Cheap but every bit the qualify of the designer labels.  I bought one of each and would be hard pressed to pick one.  They both work just great for piecing and the little bit of stitch in the ditch that I have done.  For the price, you might try one.  Big 5000 meter cones.  I think they come direct from the supplier. 

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Thank you so much, I`ve been having problems with my machine but then little did I know, I was doing many things incorrectly. Never knew that the spool shouldn`t be spinning, I was always using the upright spool to sew and until I started working with cotton thread, didn`t cause much of a problem. The cotton thread on the other hand, kept on breaking even if my tension was at my loosest and it was skipping stitches. So I changed my needle to a brand new one, and that helped as long as I went at the right speed. This machine was just a regular sewing machine, probably not meant for I also kept the feed dog up as it gave me a bit more control but might have played with the tension a bit. 

Anyway, your post was very informative, as I plan to quilt a lot more, I will experiment with various threads. 

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