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MaryLeeHayden Posted: Sun, Oct 23 2011 9:08 AM

This is probably a stupid question but I've been quilting for more than a decade but know nothing about quilt guilds. Can you belong to more than one? I always thought you had to be a "professional" quilter to belong to a guild. I'm still a beginner due to an 8 year illness that pretty much kept me from doing anything. Should I just dive in and join one or more?

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Thea replied on Sun, Oct 23 2011 9:11 AM

Mary - you can belong to as many quilt guilds as you want!  We have several in my area - and I too was in awe of them when I first went - but I was sadly diasappointed.  I thought when I first went that they would help me to learn how to quilt but they are there for a social event and to see a speaker... that was my first impression of a guild.  The 2nd guild - which I still belong to today - has a great time - they love everyone that walks in the door and treat you wonderfully - they have a demonstration of quilting every meeting and are willing to help all the newbies out there like I was once upon a time.  

Jump in and Join - don't be in awe - go and listen to the speakers that they get - I hope you have a good one to join.  Some are really great and most really are great - I find now that I go and look for something that will give me inspiration - which usually is the show and share... 


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Ramona replied on Sun, Oct 23 2011 9:47 AM


You can join as many guilds as you would like. We have members in our guild that don't even quilt.  One of which, heads up our yearly quilt show. I know what you mean by being intimidated, but don't let it. The guild contains all skill levels of quilters and if the truth be known, you are much better then you are giving yourself credit for. We are our own worse critics they say. If I may suggest, I'd only get invovled with one that I really like and can participate in. Go to a few and pick the one you like the best. They usually allow a few visits before requiring you to join.

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Diana replied on Sun, Oct 23 2011 9:59 AM

Hi Mary and Welcome.

   I'n no professional but I belong to 2 guilds.  I live in Morristown and belong to an evening guild.  I also belong to Bulls Gap Quilt Guild.  Check with your local quilt shop and they'll know the closest guild.  I see you're in Maryville.  Check at Pappy's Quilt shop or any of the others close to you.  Take a class if you need some extra help.  There are guilds in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge too.  Quilters love to welcome new quilters or people getting back into it.  Just jump right in and  join one.  You'll love it.

Diana in East Tn.

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gini replied on Sun, Oct 23 2011 2:23 PM

mary, i live in a remote area and joined a guild so i would know when speakers or teachers are coming to town.  i have enjoyed being a member and am involved on the board.  we meet every month, have activiteis we can participate in every week if we want.   you can do as little or as much as you want.   i have heard that some guild members can be clique-y and are not welcoming to new members.   if you have several guilds in your area, go to one of  all their meetings and see who is the most welcoming, or which one best suits your needs.   i don't think any of the guilds mind having guests.   guilds are there to promote quilting in their area, but some lose track of that and are more social get togethers for the members.   we only have one professional quilter who's a member.   we range  from very basic beginner quilters to very accomplished quilter.  it is a great place to learn from other quilters.

gini in north idaho

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KATHY replied on Sun, Oct 23 2011 6:39 PM





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MNnancy replied on Sun, Oct 23 2011 10:40 PM

The guild I am in is very friendly, accepting, and inspiring.  I know I could bring questions to ask of some members during the social time, but usually we're busy with a speaker, a business meeting, treats, and then show and tell.  I don't believe they have ever planned lessons for beginners at these meetings.

They do, however, sponsor a full day of sewing at the township hall once a month.  That would be the time for a beginner to get some one-on-one time with an experienced quilter.  Ask at the guild you are considering whether they offer any sewing times.

Otherwise, your local quilt shop is probably the best place to take a beginning quilt class.

On the banks of the Mississippi River in north central Minnesota (Brainerd lakes area)

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Kari replied on Mon, Oct 24 2011 7:27 AM

I am a newbie to quilting and sewing.  I figured if I was going to do this I would jump in with 2 feet.  I became a Guild member the minute I walked into my first meeting.  I did research on the Guild before I went to the meeting, so I knew what I was getting into.  There are guests speakers and demos to learn new techniques.  All the ladies in the Guild are amazing and very welcoming.  I recently moved to the area due to a military move and wanted to meet new people and get involved with the local community.   I have already offered to do a Patriotic quilt for fallen soldiers in our state, and am a member of a committee.  Our Guild offers weekly quilting opportunities for Project Linus Quilts and other volunteer quilts.  Every 2 years they host a large Quilt show (for our area :-) ), which was an amazing success.


DIVE IN, and have fun!!!!  

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