One Directional Design Material

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eliabel Posted: Sun, Oct 25 2009 3:56 PM

I am working with a one directional design material which I gave it no thought when I bought it.  I have cut it and pieced it into flying geese, 3" blocks, and 6" inset triangles.  Now that I want to use this same material on my borders I come up with this question.  How should this one directional design material be sown as a border ?  Starting with the left hand border I'm thinking it should definitly be from bottom to top (like an arrow pointing up) and the top border should be from left to right.  Now, should the right hand border be going from top to bottom and the bottom border go from right to left, or should both left and right borders go from bottom to top which then leaves the question of which directions should  the top and bottom border go?    I hope I'm not confusing anyone or have sent y'all into a dizzying spin!  I have looked at 2 of my Quilter's Guideline books and also looked at all my 5 years of 6 different quilt magazine subscriptions to no avail.  You are my only hope for an answer.

Thanks Y'all! 

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Hi eliabel and welcome to QCA.

Not sure how to answer your question. Would it be possible to post a picture? I think you would get a lot of answers if you could.  Having said that, someone will come along to answer you with or without a picture. I'm not very good at coming up with answers to these questions unless I can see, touch and ponder LOL

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Sue replied on Sun, Oct 25 2009 4:11 PM

Hi Eliabel,

I recently finished a quilt with directional fabric and here's what I did.  On the top and bottom borders I made them face in toward the quilt.  On the right as you look at it, the border when south and the left went north.  This way there is no top or bottom.  The quilt looked great when finished!  If the batteries in my camera were charged AND DH had loaded the camera's program to my new laptop, I'd post a photo for you.  DH is waiting to load Win 7. YUCK! Hope this helps you, guess I'll go back to working on a UFO, LOL NOT!

Hugs from East Texas, Sue

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Jeanine replied on Sun, Oct 25 2009 4:17 PM

I think it depends on if you want the quilt to have a definite direction it should be. 

If you want the borders to appear to be pointing the same direction, you should make the side borders "right-side up".  To get the top and bottom borders to face the same direction, you will need to cut them vertically instead of horizontally. 

If you don't care, I would put the borders on in a rotating manner like I believe you were describing.  Then it won't be a top or bottom to your quilt.

Directional fabrics can be a challenge.

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Thea replied on Sun, Oct 25 2009 6:46 PM

Eliabel - I see this is your first post - so welcome to QCA - Is there a chance that you could show us a picture of the fabric - I have done different things with directional fabrics as borders - I have had it going around the quilt so that whichever way you positioned the quilt it looked the same - but then some you do from top to bottom on the left and right and on top and bottom you do it so it goes from left to right...

If you were in Japan that would be right to left as they read backwards.

it would be easier to give an opinion though if I could see the fabric...

Again welcome to QCA and we hope to here much more from you!


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Eliabel, welcome to the QCA forums!


Gillette, WY


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Nana replied on Sun, Oct 25 2009 7:51 PM


Welcome to QCA  I see you have gotten several good answers already.  I can't add anything different without seeing the fabric.


Vinton, Virginia

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