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Best way to rip out machine quilting stitches

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Purdue Fan posted on Mon, Aug 8 2011 10:47 PM

I started machine quilting a lap quilt awhile back, but hate the way it looks. I am starting the tedious process of removing the stitches, but I am worried about accidentally ripping the fabric instead of the thread. This is one of the very first quilts I tried to machine myself and I had read about starting the line with very tiny stitches to lock them in. Yeah, ok. But how to do you remove said tiny stitches when you hate the result??? I think I will use the traditional method of popping the thread to the top on my next one! Any advice on how best to remove those little suckers?



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That's a great idea about putting the top in the dryer with a wet washcloth. Hadn't thought of that. That's what I do for wrinkled clothes, though!

I will be SO glad when those stitches are all gone! Even if I hadn't planned on giving away the quilt already, I would be ready to after this. I will never want to see this quilt again when it's done. I am so sick of it!! Definite lesson learned about planning out your quilting ahead of time.


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I just found this and so glad I did. I am ripping out a border that I did not like the way it was done. I am scared to use a razor but may still try my seam ripper. This might save my insanity!!

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