domestic machine quilting, help please

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Bitty95 posted on Sun, May 22 2011 10:15 AM

I've been working through a book "Easy Machine Quilting". I've done the exorcizes on 14" blocks, they turned out really well and like to use my domestic machine for quilting. But now I have a lap quilt (maybe a little bigger) I want to start on. I've done a bit, but find myself very frustrated with the bulk behind my machine and in the throat of my machine. How do you deal with all of the blanket waiting to be done? It is so heavy, it seams to be either pulling or impeding what I'm working on.

I watched an episode of 'Quilt it' yesterday and it was so frustating to see a fella say you don't have to pull or push on the quilt, just light touches through the machine. It seams I have to tug and pull.

Please help. I'd much rather use a machine than hand quilt. PS finances won't allow for a long arm machine or someone to quilt it for me. I use what other people give me to get my quilting fix.


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Thank you for your kind post.  As you can see from Patsy Thompson's videos, it does take practice, practice, practice.  I love teaching quilting and try to find videos that are helpful.  I even taught a "non-quilter" how to machine a large quilt (she did use my Bernina 440QE, but now she is practicing on her very old Singer--the machine is probably 30 yrs. old).  She isn't sure she wants to do her next quilt the "normal" way, so I suggested she take a look at the book "Machine Quilting in Sections" by Marti Michell (come to think of it, she still has my copy!).  I quilt for other people so I need to be able to quilt any size, but if you decide you would rather quilt in smaller sections give Marti's book a "look-see".

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Nana, So working in quarters, and support the left. I'll try that.


Shannon, I have a quilt table that came with my machine, but for big quilts, I took an old wipe off board, slicked it with pledge, then piled books (for legs) to bring it up to the height of my machine.  this gives me a support area to the left of about 2 ft.  I then roll a file cabinet to the edge of the table and that supports some more. the part of the quilt in front of the machine goes up my chest or kind of puddled in my lap.  I also use the fons and porter gloves.  On big king size or queen size quilts, I make in sections, to the quilting then join the sections,  I have to "add" to the quilting over the joins, but I few minutes discomfort with the bigger one vs struggle through the whole quilt is a no brainer to me.  The sections are not that hard to join.  If you look in my gallery at the Gold dragon quilt, it was done in two halves then joined. 

Good luck with you quest on what works for you.

Granny M

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