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Cathy G. Posted: Sat, Sep 12 2009 11:48 AM

Hi, my name is Cathy and I'm fairly new to quilting.  Most everything I know about quilting, I've taught myself.  I've got an aunt in Indianapolis who showed me how to put my first quilt together but other than that,I've been on my own.

Any suggestions, tips, ideas etc. would be much appreciated. 


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Kris replied on Sat, Sep 12 2009 1:35 PM


welcome to the group. There is a wealth of information here. Take a look around. If you have specific questions you'll definitely get an answer. Every aspect and level of quilting is represented here.

If you are a paid member, QNNtv is a very valuable resource.

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Tammy replied on Sat, Sep 12 2009 1:50 PM

Welcome Cathy!!   I'm a neighbor so to speak. I hail from southcentral Nebraska. I, too, am self taught and this is definately the place to be for learning. I learn something new everyday!!  You will get information beyond belief here. Again welcome!!

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Sandy H. replied on Sat, Sep 12 2009 1:55 PM

Hi Cathy and welcome to QCA.  This a great place for new quilters as there are many talented quilters here ready to share their knowledge.  We're glad to have you with us.


Southwest Florida

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Hello Cathy!

Welcome to the club!  I, too, am a newer quilter.  I am going to my first quilt class on Monday where we will be working on a Log Cabin quilt.  Prior to this point, I have only done 2 quilts.  I am a third generation quilter and my Aunt Judy (who posts on this site too) has been teaching me and giving me some quick tips as well!

I hope to learn more about you!


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Thea replied on Sat, Sep 12 2009 3:29 PM

Hi Cathy, Welcome to QCA.  I am not too far away from you in Enid Oklahoma - I am a self - taught quilter too.  I recommend watching the videos available on QNNtv - watch EB on Quilt in a Day - both are very instrumental in my learning.  I read a lot of books on the subject too - it takes just practice and patience and learning how to do different blocks the right way - try never to take a short cut unless it is one that will lessen the work but not the quality. 

Any questions about anything feel free to ask here - lots of great quilters are available so pick their brains.


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MNnancy replied on Sat, Sep 12 2009 4:42 PM

Welcome to QCA!  You can sure learn alot from the talented ladies here.

If you're a reader, here are two excellent books for beginners:

Start Quilting with Alex Anderson, 3rd edition ($11 at Amazon)

Quilter's Complete Guide, 2009 edition ($20 at shopfonsandporter.com)

On the banks of the Mississippi River in north central Minnesota (Brainerd lakes area)

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Hi Cathy and welcome to QCA

Life is like a quilt...bits & pieces, joy & sorrow, stitched with love

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Diana replied on Sat, Sep 12 2009 5:09 PM

Hi Cathy and Welcome to the group,

I'm in East Tn. (Upstate NY transplant).  I'm also self taught.  Been quilting for about 10-12 years.  Ask any question you  need help with.  Watching the videos and getting instruction books really help.  I watched Eleanor Burns (www.quiltinaday.com) on pbs for a couple years and finally said to myself "I could do that".....and the rest is history.

Enjoy and ask away.

Diana from East Tn. 

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Welcome to the group.  We have so much fun here learning from each other and are always pleased when another quilter finds her (or his) way here.


Kissimmee, FL

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Linda Lou replied on Sat, Sep 12 2009 9:30 PM

Hi Cathy,

Welcome to our world!  We love meeting new quilter's and those who are new to quilting as well.  You will definitely find answers here for your questions.  I do believe we have all levels of quilter's here and all are very helpful.  Just ask and you shall recieve.

It is good to meet you and hope to chat again soon.

Staying busy

Linda Lou

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Judy Iliff replied on Sat, Sep 12 2009 11:29 PM

Welcome to QCA Forums, Cathy!


Gillette, WY


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Shelia replied on Sat, Sep 12 2009 11:41 PM

Hello and welcome Cathy.  I'm new here too.  I'm also self taught.


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