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Michelle Posted: Thu, Aug 27 2009 5:39 PM

I am wondering whether it is appropriate to tip your long arm quilter.  I have recently sent our several quilts for quilting by others.  I have always quilted my own projects so I'm not sure what's right.  I am about to pick them up soon and don't what to offend the quilter or embarrass myself.  If I should tip, what is the standard tip?  Thanks for your help.


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Great question, Michelle. I never have because I figure that cost of having the quilt LA quilted included all costs. It will be interesting to hear what others have to say, especially those who do LA quilting for others,


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Kris replied on Thu, Aug 27 2009 6:06 PM

I think Judy is right. They probably work that into their prices because tips might not be expected. I'm sure it will be appreciated if you do give a tip though.

Very good question. I never thought of that.

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Thea replied on Thu, Aug 27 2009 6:09 PM

I do not think you need to tip a LA quilter - that is there job - not like waitresses - who in this state make only  $2 something an hour because they are supposed to make enough tips to off set the difference... never heard anything like this till I moved here... my DD got a paycheck one time for 0 because she had so many tips that it was above their salary cap so she didn't get paid by the restaurant at all... it is all perfectly legal too - I was amazed.

No I wouldn't tip a LA Quilter.. they charge enough for their services.


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I don't think a tip is necessary either.  I'm assuming they charged enough to cover their time and supplies. 

Unless, they work for a quilt shop and are salaried, then a tip would probably be appropriate.  If they are an employee, then they are not making most of the money the quilt shop is, so that would be totally diffrent.

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