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Cathy M posted on Tue, Feb 1 2011 7:09 PM

I have never machine quilted before and I have a old machine a memory craft 8000, will it be hard to learn on that machine please realize though I'm a perfectioness when it comes to my quilts. Also I needle turn applique and do you know if you can still machine quilt one of that type and still do welll in a show if one was to enter,

Thank you to anyone who can help me.

Cathy M

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Cathy,  If you can drop the feed dogs and adjust the tension when needed on that machine than you can machine quilt on it.  In fact the machine I had before the Quattro the feed dogs did not drop but it had a cover you put over them.  I learn machine quilting on that machine.  Oh, I am still learning, not perfect by any means.

Granny M

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Hi Cathy-I have a Memory Craft machine as well and don't have any trouble with machine quilting. I do like to do some free-motion quilting and the best thing to do with that is practice, practice, practice. I make a quilt sandwich and practice until I feel comfortable enough to do it on the intended quilt.


Good luck!



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You could always join in on the fun with those of us learning to do FMQ. We are all learning and having a great time. There are many tips and tricks posted in there. We are practicing all week and then posting our practice pics on Saturdays. We are not perfect by any means but that is what practice is for.

Here is the link to the thread.... Fear-No-More FMQers

Cumberland Gap, TN

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