Brother Laura Ashley NX2000

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RUTHD-6 posted on Tue, Dec 28 2010 4:10 PM

Can anyone tell me if they have this machine and if they would recommend it?


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I have it.  I have had it a month now.  I love it.  It sews like a dream.  It only took a day of reading the manual and playing with it to get comfortable.  The manual(s) are wonderful.  Also, the dealer will train me, but I have not gone in yet.  I have a couple questions about a foot.  The wide throat is awesome--real elbow room for manipulating things.  It sews so straight that I barely have to touch the fabric.  Lighting is so bright that I could see the dark threads!  (A real problem for me).  I also considered my shop, which has the best repairman in the area.  Consider your dealer too.  If anything goes wrong, I wanted to know it would not be extra complicated.  

Hope this is helpful.

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Thank you for answering my inquiry about the Laura Ashley NX2000.  I purchased mine over a year ago and love to sew on it.  I have made several quilts, wall hangings, pillows, curtains, etc.  I have had no trouble at all and that's a good thing because my dealer offered not training what so ever.  The Brother web site is very helpful if you have a question.  Thanks again, Ruth

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I too have had this wonderful machine for about a year, and I am still very happy with its performance.  I am always discovering new things that I am able to do with it.  I am able to sew a quarter inch seam with different feet and different settings.  It has a lot of options for quilters and lots of presser feet are included.  I have done grid quilting with the walking foot, and fmq with the included fmq feet. 

It is terrific with applique and has a stitch for invisible machine applique.  The decor stitches are amazing and some are programed to stitch wider than 7 inches. 

It is a very intuitive machine and can alert you to prevent errors or mistakes.

It is such a joy to sew and quilt with this machine that I find myself smiling at times when I am sewing.  I  would recommend it without hesitation.

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