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Because my cutting mat is dark blue (and my eyes old!)  it is sometimes difficult to see the edge of dark fabric when lining up my ruler.  I take a narrow strip of white paper (about 2-3 inches) and place it just under the edge and I can then see the fabric.  When squaring up a block and I need to see the corner I use a white sticky note stuck on the mat and lay the corner on that.  It makes it so much easier to line everything up.

sew true this tip!!  while working on my MQ secret windows, my green fabric was exact match to my mat, I placed a piece of printer paper under the edge and just cut away, the shreads went into the recycle bin and the eye fatique was solved.


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Marie replied on Sun, Oct 2 2011 4:35 PM

Joanne, I must have missed this great idea, thank you.

Millbury, MA

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Nancy replied on Sat, Oct 15 2011 9:05 AM

Thank you for this tip. It has been so hard for me to do the free motion quilting- it feels like the quilt won't move without a lot of effort which is hard on the shoulders. I will try this with the next quilt. Nancy

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chocake2 replied on Sat, Oct 15 2011 11:01 AM

I'm fortunate to have a job that has a lot of down time, which my boss actually encourages me to use to pursue my own interests - so I can take my hand sewing projects to work and fiddle with them in between filling my duties. I've found that little  6"x8" plastic snap-top pencil boxes are great for carrying small projects around. They're sturdier then a ziplock bag so things don't get wrinkled or smooshed as easily, and they are big enough that a small pair of scissors, and other nessacery notions to fit into them easily. Plus, they don't slide between the seat cushions in my car and get lost when I toss my project on the seat at the end of the day! Walmart puts them on sale at the start of the school year and you can usually pick them up for about 50cents. They come in multiple colors, and are stackable for easy storage.  I can have several projects going and just need to keep track of which project is in which box (Grandma's flowers are in the blue one, the applique pillow top is in the green one, the 9-patch baby quilt is in the pink one, etc...) And hey, as long as you're in the school supplies, pick up an extra pair of kiddie scissors to keep with each box! They're less then $2 a pair and it saves you having to search for thread clippers each time you grab a different project box! The Fiskers ones even work to clip fabrics when you work on your applique.  'Can't beat that! :)

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