What are you up to today! #2

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Ms MoomMist replied on Sun, Apr 3 2011 5:18 AM | Locked


 Served about 200 people dinner....really sad.  Sure makes you feel priveleged with all the things we are blessed with.

It sure does. I always loved things like that, especially when you come home exhausted lol!

What am I up to today? Well, first I want to get rid of this terrible cold that DH brought home for me. I need it like I need another hole in my head! Just was really feeling pretty good and now feel lousy. Actually, don't have a fever or any aches, just the liquids flowing and the poor lungs are taking a beating again.

I played in Dear Jane EQ this morning. Tomorrow, EQ7 is scheduled to arrive. Hopefully!!! I've been using EQ5 since I first got it from Public Television Auction back in 2003. Thought it was time to update it. So if anyone is looking for an update EQ.com has a special "We Want You Back" listed on their website. It isn't much but better than nothing. I had forgotten how much the program cost, and that I got it at a fairly reasonable price at the auction.

Happy Sunday Everyone. I'm off to take a rest before the doggies get up.





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chocake2 replied on Sun, Apr 3 2011 9:46 AM | Locked

I'm enjoying the quiet before the day. Jr's up, padding around, but he also seems to be in no rush to get moving. The rest of the crew are all snoring.

The "8-12 inches" of snow we were told to expect last night is currently about .75" deep, and I see hints of blue sky. Dare i hope that the NWS might have goofed with their prediction?? The snow they said we'd get yesterday was mostly gentle soaking rain. Last week the said we'd have daytime highs in the low 60's... it got up to 47. That was one time I wasn't so happy when they missed the mark...

I looked up a bunch of quotes for quilts last night after Brother B passed the labeling of his daughter's quilt off to me. I sent him a few of my favorites and now he's "getting" it. He sent me an e-mail (at 5:30 this morning!!) filled with musings and suggestiong.  ... I may have created a monster.  :-)

So..I suppose it's time to start my day......

Have a great one!!!!!!


Quilters are people who strip so they won't go topless.

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Marge (AKA Dimples) replied on Sun, Apr 3 2011 5:49 PM | Locked

Been a busy weekend at the Greenbergs.  Todd was able to come down and help me on Sat.  I was up early and at Lowe's for more painting supplies.  Then it was home to clean off the overhead door panels so they could be roughted up to paint.  YUCK!  the bottom panels for both doors were green!  Went through two bottles of spray cleaner and two rolls of paper towels.  By the time Todd arrived, I was busy with my sanding block and tack cloth.  The 4" paint rollers that Chris suggested worked well - only had to use the brushes for the edges of the panels.  Dave made our lunch run to Subway.  We were able to get both coats on the overhead doors and one coat on the three "people" doors - two to come into the garage from the outside and then the one into the house.  Todd had to put brakes on his car today plus do something to Lynn's car so I was on my own today after church.  Dave helped me flip the doors over so I could pull off the painters tape.  Then I cleaned the interior sides of the doors -- two more fill-ups of cleaner into my spray bottle and two more rolls of paper towels.  They look like new doors!  I can't wait to see them hung.  Didn't get the second coat on the people doors so that will probably have to wait until Tues. as there is rain predicted for tomorrow evening.  Besides - tomorrow is Tabitha at church.  I talked to one of our new ladies that is a non-sewer at church this morning and she is going to run the elastic into the waistbands on the shorts that I have finished to that point for me tomorrow.  Talked to one of my Project Linus coordinators too and the group at Sunnyside Baptist Chruch is going to take over the coordinator duties from Irene and Joyce.  I am so glad that the chapter isn't going to "die". 

Marge (AKA Dimples)

Griffin, GA

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Elaine Phillips replied on Sun, Apr 3 2011 10:18 PM | Locked

Today I did some yard work. It was 92 degrees here in the Sunflower State. Then this evening we had some severe thunderstorms, and it is 55 degrees now at 10:20pm. Tomorrow it is going to be only 50.

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QCA Admin replied on Mon, Apr 4 2011 8:51 AM | Locked

Hi everyone,

Going forward, please start posting in What are you up today? #3.




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