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Binding Clips

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Pamela replied on Wed, Jun 5 2013 8:48 PM

I've always used the hair clips and they work just fine. But I bought 10 of the Wonder clips on sale and love them

I agree with Bonita. I've used hair clips back when I could get them in the dollar store for a buck a package. The Wonder clips are more expensive, but they do work better for me. I find that the hair clips can easily slip off the binding edge. I used to think that I needed to have lots of clips and couldn't imagine buying only ten. I was able to buy the Wonder clips 20% off, so I gave them a try. You really only need a few and just keep moving them across the binding edge. They also are shorter than the hair clips and can be used when stitching the binding down on the machine and won't get in the way of the needle like the clips will.

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