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Valerie Posted: Sat, Jun 20 2009 10:08 AM

Does anyone like to hand quilt? I am hand quilting a pot holder for my grandmother. It is the first item I am doing so we shall see how it comes. So far I think it is going good and I find it relaxing (especially if I do it during my lunch break at work).


Woodbridge VA

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I do, but haven't had time in awhile.  I have a group of ladies learning a basic quiltmaking class...I think they are all hand quilting as part of the class.

It's very relaxing on rainy days.


Margie Campbell
TinLizzie18 LS
Littlefield, TX

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gini replied on Sat, Jun 20 2009 11:39 AM

valerie,   i love to hand quilt, but had to stop when i was working.  my carpal tunnel couldn't handle  dental hygiene, 80 days of skiing a year ( pole plants are really hard on my hands) , and hand quilting.  something had to go and it was the quilting.  now that i've quit work, i'll have more time,  and  hopefully my hands will behave,  or it's probably surgery in my future.  i've been kinda afraid to try quilting again.  i should just go for it.   gini

gini in north idaho

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I hate hand quilting.  I hate doing anything by hand.  I will sew a button on by hand only because I can do it faster by hand then setting up my machine to do it.  Give me a machine any day..................

Kathy Patterson - Fort Worth, Texas

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Cindy replied on Sun, Jun 21 2009 7:51 AM

I do enjoy to hand quilt.  It does take quite a bit longer, but the final beauty is well worth it.  It is good to start with something a bit smaller that you can carry with you that a huge queen size quilt (speaking from experience).  I didn't think I would ever finish, but I finally did. 

Also the more you practice the easier and more uniform your stitches will become....so quilt on.....


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joyce replied on Sun, Jun 21 2009 11:00 AM


I am learning to hand quilt. There are some videos  that discuss hand quilting and tools to use. I found them on QnnTV. I will work on the hand quilting while I piece another quilt. It gives varity. Have fun!  No problem learning both hand quilting and machine quilting.

Joyce from ILL

Joyce - in Illinois


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Carol replied on Mon, Apr 26 2010 10:34 PM

I learned to hand quilt even before I learned to piece quilts, and it is still my first love; but it does take a long time --both to learn and to complete a quilt.  I find that if I take time to quilt at my frame for an hour a day (or night, TV time!)  the quilt gets done, and my fingers don't get too sore to work on other things the rest of the time.  I do love my Bernina, too, and to machine piece tops - have too too too many to do them all by  hand, so have had to resort to having some LAQ along the way, but always keep one on my hand quilting frame for doing special quilts and also for relaxation!  Doesn't look to be too many hand quilters left, at least who answered here.  Don't give up, we can't let it become a lost art!  All it takes is practice - the more you quilt, the better your quilting will be!!  Good Luck!

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Jill replied on Mon, Apr 26 2010 11:13 PM

I just started hand quilting about two weeks ago and it has been slow going for me, but I do enjoy it, as it gives me something to do when I'm watching TV.  It will take some practice but that's ok with me.  For now I'm just using practice pieces but hope to graduate to small wall hangings, etc. before long.



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Helen Bell replied on Mon, Apr 26 2010 11:32 PM

When I was first taught to quilt it was by hand and I also pieced by hand too...you do have a lot of control by hand but yes it does take a lot longer...so I do most things by machine....but I do like to blanket stitch by hand...a lot easier than trying to get around the appliques by machine...hand sewing is nice to take with you...and there is a lot of down time while waitng for appointments or in the car...you can sit with the family and watch telly or chat with people while hand sewing...not so much by machine...so there are some places for both in my life

Ontario, Canada

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