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Question about our discount card for Jo-ann's

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nh2ak Posted: Sun, Sep 26 2010 11:26 PM

I shop at Jo-ann's a lot. Went in the other day to buy a pattern and they said I couldn't use my card for a discount? Pattern was not on sale.............I was paying full price. I thought this gave us a 10% discount on any thing we buy in there? Please explain.Thank you , Joyce

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Nana replied on Mon, Sep 27 2010 9:33 AM


I have never had this problem at my JoAnn's.  They even give me the discount on sale items.  I don't understand why you couldn't use your card.

Vinton, Virginia

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Suzette replied on Mon, Sep 27 2010 1:45 PM

It says right on the back that it can be used on sale or regular priced items.  I have never had any problems.





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I've never had a problem with the Joann's I go to either. I use the card for sale and regular priced items. Did you ask to speak to the manager? Maybe the cashier wasn't familiar with it.

North of Boston MA

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Stephanie replied on Mon, Sep 27 2010 6:10 PM

I get some cashiers at Joanns that will take the card for everything and some that won't let me use it on my entire purchase if I have used one coupon on one item. I don't know which is right or wrong, so I haven't really pushed the issue...maybe I'll just keep stepping back in line until I get the cashier that takes it.LOL 

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