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4under4 posted on Tue, Jan 10 2017 8:20 AM
I've been admiring several beautiful Storm at Sea Quilts, both here and on Pinterest.
I am making one for my daughter - planning stage- for spring university graduation.
I was wondering if you could help me out?
I am undecided on block size? 
Her bed is a double, but I will make it on the larger size as she will be moving out sooner than later and will eventually end up with a queen.
What size block would be best for this quilt? 
The bigger the better when I see all the matching ( I just finished a queen -8 inch- 4 square - lots of pinning) and a stiff neck from bending over.
11.5 block x 8 x 8  makes 92 inches square, but I am wondering if an odd number across is better?
7 rows would be 80.5 and I can add a border?
I see a lot of this quilt without borders?
Also, I'm planning to use several different fabrics, but will divide them into light, medium, dark so its not too crazy. Though it seems from some multicoloured ones, there are no rules as they all look great?
thank you for any and all advice
also, I've never done any paper peicing - and wasnt planning on doing it now but it seems to be used often for this pattern?

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Judi replied on Tue, Jan 10 2017 8:59 AM

I would be sure to make it on the larger queen size. These new mattresses are deeper than many of the quilt designers plan. Also, I have started making my queen and king( my marrieds all have King beds) wider not square. They need the extra width wth a body ( or two-three if you count my grand) to be adequately covered. 

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Great advice! I too have started making them wider than longer. Partly mattress size and partly body size! lol


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