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Donna Plitt Posted: Tue, Apr 27 2010 9:23 PM

I am trying very hard to cut my fabric correctly, but they never come out straight, When I have to cut (3) 2/12 x 42 inch strips to sew them together, I never end with the width being 6 1/2. I need help. I want to make my quilts as beautiful as possible, but am not having good luck. Help

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gini replied on Tue, Apr 27 2010 10:57 PM

firstly, hello donna and welcome.    measure your strips after you cut them to make sure they are the right width.   i need to bac k up here.    

to make a  seam test strip;

1. cut three 1 1/2 inch strips 6 inches long.

2 measure and make sure your strips are 1 1/2 inches wide, to make sure you are cutting them correctly.

3.  sew these strips together side by side with "scant" 1/4 inch seams,  this means it is only one or two threads shy of 1/4 inch.    your piece should now measure 3 1/2 inches.    if it is smaller than 3 1/2 inches, your seams are too big.  if it is bigger than 3 1/2 inches  you're seams are too small.     i hope this is making sense to you.

4.  adjust  your seams just a smidge, bigger or smaller as needed, and try it again.    do this until your piece is exactly 3 1/2 inches

             when you get  the seams exactly the right size,  you can mark where the edge of the fabric goes.   i take a 1/4 inch masking tape and a sharp knife, cut a 1 to 3 inch piece, through several layers of tape ( about 1/8th inch thick).     stick the tape down on your machine, so the edge of the  fabric is guided to the needle by the tape, at exactly  a  scant    1/4 inch.

any questions just ask, this is kinda hard to describe.    you might also check and see if your machine has a 1/4 inch foot.  they make it much easier. 

there has been a discussion on this a while back,   you can also go to the search box at the top of this page and type in 1/4 inch seam and see the entire discussion to get more tips        good luck   gini

gini in north idaho

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Sandy H. replied on Wed, Apr 28 2010 7:59 PM

Hi Donna and welcome to QCA.  There is a June Tailor product called Quarter Cut that may help you.  It looks like a large acrylic ruler (about 15" x 10") but it has very narrow openings in it to roll your rotary cutter through.  It has markings and openings every 1/4" from 0 - 12.  It's a little hard to explain, but if you go to a fabric store and look in their notions section you will probably find one. 

 Here's a link to the Quarter Cut at Joann's:    Quarter Cut


Southwest Florida

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