Secret Santa Program in Christmas All Year Long

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Roxana Posted: Tue, May 3 2016 7:30 PM

Sign-ups for the Secret Santa program end on May 27 when questionnaires are due.  To participate, you need to join the Christmas All Year Long group. If you are not a member, go to Quilters Club of America Groups and select it. OR, if you have questions, just ask!

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

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sjsherrod replied on Fri, Apr 14 2017 11:46 AM

Dear Roxana.

I know that this is last year's post but I was unable to find a post for this year. I imagine that it is now too late to sign up for 2017 but could I get my digs for next year? If by chance there is a spot for 2017 I would be so happy to be able to join.

Thank you



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Judi replied on Mon, Jul 17 2017 7:22 PM

Hi  There have been no posts on this site at all.  I am on a facebook (2) swap sites, but I miss our little group.  Frankly, I am fed up with one site.  I am doing a Secret Ssster and I go all out to send nice things.  All Ihave gotten from whoever has me are Fake American Girl Cut and sew things and now one block of the MOnth kit from Joanne's from about 4 years ago.  When I see what is sent to others, I begin to feel awful.  

Are we going to try and have any swaps?

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Rhonda replied on Tue, Jul 25 2017 6:13 PM

What Inspired Me to Write Our Family Quilt and become a quilting artist


My family and friends, trips to the mountains, baking apple crisps, and quilting.  Everyday experiences nurtured and inspired me to write Our Family Quilt.

Whether I am quilting, writing a book, an article or a blog, it never just happens. It takes experiences, adventures, love, encouragement and support from family and friends.


Our Family Quilt didn’t begin when I sat at my laptop.  A tiny seed was planted in my writing soul when my mom, started me on my sewing journey. A box of scraps of material inspired my first try at putting bits and pieces together to create something new.  A Christmas sewing basket with little scissors, thread, pins and buttons is still treasured. My grandma, gave me her sewing machine she used since the 1930’s. I remember the moment she gave me the machine and tried to weave it into my book. On my thirteenth birthday, my parents gave me a Sears Kenmore that went forward and reverse (which I took with me when I got married, sewed little-boy blankets, and used until it would sew no more). It was those memories I put into words.


Once I was married my husband became my creative sounding board, patiently listening as I created with words, pins and thread. Supporting me with many adventures to fill up pages.


While I was raising children, teaching, and writing articles an idea for a book started brewing. My life supplied the inspiration.  I developed the prologue and the epilogue. I also knew from beginning to end the journey I wanted to take the characters on.  I knew how to sew but not quilt -which was critical in the story. 


I walked into my friend’s office, who quilted, and asked her to give me enough information so I could write my book.


With a happy heart, she took me into my first quilting class and I was off on another adventure.  I went to quilting shows learning everything I could. I joined a quilting guild, listening to all their inspiring speakers and meeting encouraging quilters. I bought quilting magazines and books. As we traveled we stopped at each quilting shop along the way.  As I absorbed new experiences, I became inspired to add a different dimension to both my quilting and my book.


I not only finished the book but fell in love with the art of quilting.  The needle became my pen and the thread my ink. As I wrote about Grace, a master quilter, -as she shared her creative gifts with her young granddaughter, Audrey. I was thinking about sewing with my mom.

As I wrote about their lives unfolding around their family quilt.  The love between grandmother and granddaughter was a mirror of my love for my grandmother.


Each memory you create today becomes a springboard for future creativity. 


As you read about Grace and Audrey, may it inspire a memory for you to use as your own creative springboard.  So you too, may piece together your own family quilt.


Rhonda Cratty


To read: Our Family Quilt: The Fabric of Life visit

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