kyoto batting

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Betty Posted: Thu, Apr 22 2010 9:36 AM

Has anyone used the Kyoto bamboo batting or the soy soft?  Were you happy with it? 

Happy Earth Day

Betty W

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Applik replied on Fri, Apr 23 2010 10:42 AM

Bamboo batting is great to work with. Needles great by either hand or machine and washes well. Very soft features.

I've also used "Dream Green" batting and WOW factor with that batting. I like it as it's an environmental batting, (recycled plastic bottles/poly blend) This is amazingly soft and again needles well by hand or machine. I had it on the frame last week and people couldn't believe how soft it felt especially after I explained it's recycled plastic bottles. Drawback - very pricey as yet hope price comes down a little it's a great batting.

I think you'll enjoy Bamboo and Dream Green they're both great battings

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kim replied on Sat, Apr 24 2010 8:30 AM

I havn't used the Kyota brand of bamboo batting but I have used Naturefil bamboo batting made by Fairfield. I bought it the first time for a lap quilt for my father who was in a nursing home. The package stated it was anti-microbial so I thought it would be would be better for him then cotton or polyester. It quilted great and held up great. I have used it in several other quilts and prefer it over cotton. I havn't tried polyester, I prefer something all natural if possible.


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Kim and Betty Welcome to QCA this is a great site and I am sure you wioll enjoy it. Sorry I have yet to use the Bamboo batting but I hear good things about it.

Hampshire, England

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I'm with you...I tried Nature-Fil Bamboo/Cotton batting and love it!  I'm thinking about trying something thicker and a little warmer for my queen (and cheaper, I got it on sale before).  I have a feeling I will be disappointed with the drape of anything else after bamboo.

BTW- That is a beautiful quilt on your avatar picture.  I went to get a better look in your gallery and didn't see it there.  Do you still have it?

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Kris replied on Fri, Mar 6 2015 11:54 PM

This post is from 2010. I'm not sure these people are still on QCA. You may not get a response.

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