Stitching in the ditch

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Stitchin Stella Posted: Thu, Jul 31 2014 6:27 PM


Forgive me if I am in the wrong area to post this question, I am still learning my way around .  I have made a door hanging, I want to stitch in the ditch.  Question,  do I have to pin my sandwich or can I use the 505 spray? The door hanging is 27x47.  Thank you for your help,



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Diana replied on Thu, Jul 31 2014 6:47 PM

Yes, I would stabilize it some way, either pins or spray so the pieces stay together.  It works much better that way.


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I prefer pinning to spraying, but you can do either one.  Just make sure you do one or the other so the layers don't shift.  There are lots of ways.  My favorite is to use painters' tape to fasten the backing wrong side up to my tile floor, lay the batting down and make sure it's smooth, and then add the top right side up, pin the layers, remove the tape one side at a time, pinning the backing on that side back over the excess batting,and then continue around until the tape is all removed and all the batting edges are covered.  It keeps batting fuzz from ending up on the quilt as I'm quilting.  The biggest trick is keeping my dog off the sandwich while I'm pinning.  If I'm lucky, he stretches out on the excess batting that will be trimmed away.


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Tom replied on Fri, Aug 1 2014 12:55 AM

I love to use Basting Spray on wall hangings and other small quilting projects.  The trick is following the directions and not applying too much spray.  I have found using too much spray can cause problems when machine quilting such as stippling, etc.  I have also found that even though I use the Basting Spray I still like to put a fee Basting Pins in it in the corners of whatever I am working on.

Good luck and Happy Quilting! !


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