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Best machine under $1500?

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got2ryd posted on Wed, Jul 30 2014 12:25 PM

Hi there, brand new to sewing and after completing a baby quilt, I decided to jump right in to making a king.  Yeah, well I didn't realize my little hand-me-down machine wouldn't  be able to finish.  I'm now leaning toward buying a different machine that can handle bigger quilts.  I do not care to hand quilt, nor do I want to piece it together as I go.  May I have suggestions please on machines?  I know it is somewhat of a personal preference, but I've also read reviews on machines that have tension and bobbin problems.  I'd like to stay away from machines that have had multiple issues, obviously.  Thanks!

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Joyce replied on Tue, Aug 5 2014 6:38 PM

I haven't heard of a confident quilter machine.  Can you post a pic. of it?  $400 is a good deal on a machine.




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My favorite sewing machines are Brothers - Dreamweaver  (does everything!) & PQ 1500S (sews straight stitch only) but both have large throats that allow for making larger quilts pretty easy.  You can find the PQ 1500S on Amazon & other sites for under $500.  I've never had any issues with it & have made several king-size quilts on it.   I'd try & test drive one at a local Brother dealer before buying.  They may be able to work a deal for you.

I also have a Singer Confidence that I purchased at Joann's as a back up for under $400.  It is very reliable & sews great.  The throat is not as large as my Brother machines but you can manage to do a larger quilt (not sure about king-size).  



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I had a Brother and was not happy with the quality. When I started having problems with it, I did a lot of research.  I, too, do not care for hand quilting so I wanted a machine with a very large throat, but I also didn't want to have to buy another machine in a few years.  I decided on a Janome Memorycraft 6600P and absolutely love it.  It also has the Accufeed system, which I use instead of a walking foot.  It sews beautifully and has all the options I need.  I got it from an eBay seller.  Do your research - there are many different machines out there but I consider some of them throw-aways (you use them for a few years and then you start having multiple problems with them).  Good luck and happy quilting!

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I have an Ellureplus from Babylock and love it. It also does embroidery and many people use it more for that.  I have to say that I have not made anything larger than throw sizes (52 X 65) quilts but I've done all the quilting on it using the walking foot and have had no problems.  Had the machine for 2.5 years with only 1 trip to the shop for cleaning, etc.  Need to do that again soon.  I got it at a quilt show and paid $1480. Only negative is the weight. Definitely not light but most of the time it is out one our dining room table.

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I have two sewing/ embroidery machines.  One is a Singer Quantum 6000, and the other one is Husqarna Viking Designer  one.  Those machines don't have the little hole that allows the sewer to attach a seam guide and that's a drawback.  A seam guide is great for attaching binding, among other things.


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