Babylock Tiara !6" sit down machine

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saddie325i posted on Sat, Jul 19 2014 9:29 PM

Hi all, I just bought this machine and love it, but I am having trouble threading it and getting the tension right. Its so frustrating, I want to practice on it but cant seen to get it set right. Any suggestions on same machine owners?

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HI Saddie,

I also have a Tiara and love it as well. It sounds like you are very new to longarm quilting.  First always keep your threading guide handy. Once you get it threaded properly,  you can tie onto a new thread and gently tug it throught the thread path and end just before your needle. 

I had a wonderful lady explain tension to me in a new way and it really clicked for me.Award Winning Longarm Quilter, Gina Perkes described it this way : The threads act like two arms in a wrestling match. If one is stronger (tighter) than the other , one has to lose.Thread breaks.  As long as the threads are equal, they should stitch equal.

Start with your bobbin, make sure the it feeds through nicely with some resistance, it doesn't matter how much. Seat proper and then don't touch it again. All your tension can now be handled from the top of the machine. Tug the thread through the needle,  It should be roughly the same as the bobbin.

Take a few stitches, staright lines and loops. If you have eyelashes on the backing fabric, tighten your top tension to bring the extra thread back up.  If your top stitches are tight and pulling eyelashes to the surface, loosen the top tension.

That is tension in a nut shell. I hope it helps. I will be glad to answer any other question if I can just Private message me!

Enjoy your new baby,




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Thank you for your response.  You explained it very well.  I will try again with your suggestions.  I also can't seem to get it threaded through the tension wheel.  I did it once but can't get it again.  The book doesn't help much.  I looked on You Tube but no help.  I am thinking of taking it into my retailor the ladies are very helpful.  It's just frustrating.  I just want to quilt!

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ls2116 replied on Sun, Jul 20 2014 10:51 PM

The Tiara machine is still on my wish list first i have to make room for one.  Have fun free motioning on it.

Quilting My Rainbow

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