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Victoria posted on Mon, Jul 14 2014 8:55 AM

I am trying to figure out an appropriate batting.

I am placing it between 2 pieces of faux fur for a dog blanket.

I want the batting to add a bit of  "padding".

It's fine if the batting adds a little bit of warmth.

I am mostly looking for padding.

I am confused looking through available products.  Hi Loft, Low loft, cotton, poly.....

Does any one have any information or advice? 

Thank you!!!

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Suggested by Patti S

I would go with the highest loft possible...maybe a Quilters Dream cotton in is their thickest...1/2 cotton per sq. yd. .

newport, tennessee


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gini replied on Mon, Jul 14 2014 9:50 AM

hi Victoria, welcome to the group

I would use a hi loft poly and depending on how much poof you want  and how much quilting is going on, you can double or triple batt it.  I would go with poly because it will dry much quicker if you are using multiple layers.

gini in north idaho

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Hi Victoria, I have medium sized dogs (50#) and of course, dog beds. I agree with gini, and would use only polyester batting for dog beds... need to be able to wash and dry quickly, poly does not collect odor as much, and retains "poofiness" and softness with a good shake and wash. Cotton retains odors and mats down quickly with heavier dogs lying on it. Several layers of high loft poly would give you lots of cushioning. You could make a zippered (or hook&loop tape) cover that easily removes for washing. In that instance I would enclose the poly batting inside a separate cushion cover, could use leftover cotton or muslin, and you could hand-tie that cushion to keep the poly from shifting too much. Good luck with your project!


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Thank you for the replies!

It's the high loft for me!

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Whatever I make for my fur babies I fill with poly, because the beds and toys get washed at least once a week  to keep pesky little critters from hatching and to keep the doggy odor away. 

What kind of dog owns you?


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I am hoping Roxana posts an tutorial regarding what kind of Batting to use for what on the A Quilting Resource group thread.

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Roxana replied on Tue, Jul 15 2014 4:55 PM

Check out the post in A Quilter's Resource Group. If you are not a member, join!

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

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