Does anyone use a Juki 2010 to quilt with?

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weezee56 posted on Mon, Jun 23 2014 8:11 PM

I just bought a Juki 2010 and while quilting the first quilt, the machine started cutting the thread without me pushing a button. Is it my machine or the speed control ?

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The first thing I would check is to make sure the thread is not being bound somewhere, I would re-thread it and also what size needle are you using. I would use at least a 16.

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Hi weezee,

If you bought your machine local, take it back to the store for a check up.  If you ordered the machine, call them up and ask about the guarantee. 

We bought a Bernina last year and it mal functioned fresh out of the box.  We exchanged that machine.  The second machine works fine.

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Thea replied on Tue, Jun 24 2014 8:18 AM

Weezee, I would contact the store you bought it from - and if they can't help you - go to the web page for the Juki and contact them personally via their customer service reps.  I don't think a machine should be doing that at anytime and sounds like a very bad glitch - like two wires are touching or have gotten crossed.  I think it is the machine not the speed control.  There are so many wires inside the new machines.  My Pfaff had 2 wires touching after a tech cleaned it and it ended up being a $1000+ repair.  There is so little room inside where so many wires have to go for these new machines with the computer parts there also.  Before it becomes a bigger problem contact where you bought it and if they don't have a tech find out where you can find a good one and from my history of techs - check out the techs reputation to make sure he/she truly knows what they are doing... I now work directly with the companies with my machines - I wish I could say that I trusted any of the techs in my area but I don't.


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