Singer Featherweight 221.. 30's or 50's model?

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Debbie D Posted: Tue, Jun 10 2014 10:45 PM

OK ladies (and I suppose a few gents too!) I recently got a bug to get myself a Singer Featherweight.. I'm doing some shopping online, found several in my area I can drive to and look/test.. some are 30's - 36 or 38 I believe and some are 48-55's

I'm trying not to jump the gun here and do this once as opposed to having a herd of these things in the house!

Can any of you help with some suggestions as to what I am looking for/at ? I dont want a "collectible" I am thinking to use it in the camper when we start traveling in a few months once he's fully retired.. so in the classic car world it would be considered a driver as opposed to a 100pt show craft 

What about accessories.. how concerned am I about that?
I suppose I need to look at the wear on the plug and foot pedal cords..
how about the condition of the box?
what if it doesnt have ALL the original parts?

I sew quilts and small home deco projects, scarfs for the dog and that sort of thing.. I own a 1978 top of the line Singer (522?? 622?? its at the the house so my brain is not working) and recently bought a Viking 875Q which I love, but the old Singer is just so solid for straight piecing... its a cabinet model, and no case, and heavy, so I thought the 221 would be a great choice...

Any feedback would be appreciated... thanks!

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