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DeniseBuglino Posted: Tue, May 6 2014 3:57 PM
Hello All, I'm a rookie (new) to quilting and decided to try and learn so I could make a quilt using my mother's old hankies. I found an assortment of them since she passed away and I would like to enjoydo something special with them. Does anyone have ideas for incorporating them into a quilt or know of a good pattern I can use? They are different sizes and I do not want to cut them. Some have all over color and some are white with little embroidery designs in one corner. Thank you for any leads.
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Welcome Denise.

I have used hankies in crazy quilts before.  Since you are new, I would recommend you join the Crazy Art Quilt group in "groups" and talk to us over there about different techniques.

You could do a Square in a Square using the hankie as the center square.  I believe you can find tutorials about square in a square.

Another option would be to do a log cabin type block with the hankie as the first block.

You could do either of these with different sizes and have the final block big enough to use all of them.

Hope that you are able to come up with an idea and pay tribute to your Mom with this project.  It would be a treasure to have.

Maybe someone else will chime in and help.

Best of luck.  Post pictures if you are able to do something with this idea.


from Western New York

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Take a look in the Did YouWork OnA Quilt Today #9. On 4-25-14, Candis posted a picture of the  butterfly quilt she is making with hankies. It's so beautiful!



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Sukochi replied on Tue, May 6 2014 6:09 PM

I recently saw a hankie quilt where the quilt er had the hankies in the shape of a bird. Beautiful. Try doing an internet search on hankie quilts. I would think you would find a lot of info.



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