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Ceemesew Posted: Mon, Apr 21 2014 5:13 PM

Hi my name is Cynthia,  I opened a fabric/quilt shop March 18, 2014.  I need help getting people in my shop.  I don't teach quilting  classes so I need other way to get people in to shop.  Can anyone help me.  thanks 

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gini replied on Mon, Apr 21 2014 5:33 PM

Hi Cynthia, welcome to the group.  Sorry I can't help you with your dilemma.   Where is your shop located?


gini in north idaho

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Hi Cynthia - Welcome to the group. You will love it here. I also recently opened a quilt shop. I just opened on Saturday. I live in a very small town (900 people). I put flyers up all over town. I also used facebook as we have a group for our little town. I had a very good turn out. A friend I met here also drove very very far to visit my shop. It was so wonderful. I hope you advertise. A special of the week might help get people in. Like "fat quarter Tuesday" or one specific bolt of fabric at maybe 10% off or something like that. If you have a free paper, it might be wise to advertise in that also. I hope that helps a little.

Georgetown CA I'd Rather Be Quilting

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Hi Cynthia,

Welcome.   I go to two shops in Tallahassee.   The Bernina store sells also fabric and they do give classes for the machines they sell   and they do give quilting classes,  They usually have a good quilter teach.

The second store sells Pfaff and Husqvarna sewing machines and they do have long arm quilting machines.  We had two king size quilts done there.  We're happy with the job.  They also give classes on their sewing machines and they have a great quilter teach.  Both stores also sell sewing supplies.

I hope that will give you an idea?  Are you advertising? 


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KBC Ranch replied on Tue, Apr 22 2014 6:43 AM

Welcome, Cynthia

Where is your shop?  Advertising is always a good idea.  You might also consider doing some kind of special.  My local quilt shop is doing a block of the month using Thangles.  Each month you go into the shop and for $1.00 you get a kit for the block.  At the beginning of the year we purchased the Thangles size that would be used in all of the year's blocks.  If you go into the shop for your block during the first week of the month, they have special sales or clearance items.  Finding someone in your town who gives quilting classes might be very advantageous especially someone who teaches younger people.

Just a couple of thoughts.  Good luck with your shop.  I envy you - would love to open a shop!


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Marie replied on Tue, Apr 22 2014 7:07 AM

Hi and welcome Cynthia!  You've gotten some good advice on how to get people into your shop, good luck.

Millbury, MA

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Welcome Cynthia, and congratulations on your shop. One fo the things that I like about my Local Quilt Shop are the Sew Ins. Come for the Night, as long as you want. They have it set up so you can work on whatever project your heart desires. Alot of people like to bring their block of the month.  You can also do them as a day long event as opposed to an overnighter.  It's fun either way. Best of luck in your new business and I hope you really enjoy it.


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Welcome Cynthia.  There are some very good suggestions on here.  I know I have a Interest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, an Etsy Shop & Blog page.  As soon as my financial position gets better I am going to pay for the Facebook & Etsy advertising.  I don't have an actual shop as of yet but I do projects at home and am trying to get a following.  One thing I see others doing is having contests and getting sponsors.  I am also looking for fabric, yarn, & thread collaborators that are willing to advertising for me on their pages, blogs, sites, etc. and I will do the same for them. Where are you located?  Maybe we can help each other.


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Roxana replied on Tue, Apr 22 2014 6:27 PM

Welcome, Cynthia. My husband and I own a golf club repair shop and we have a referral system. We give out cards to customers. They put their name on them and when a new customer comes in the shop, the new customer gets $5 off their purchase that day. The card goes in a bucket and at the end of the year we make a drawing for a store gift certificate. ... Of course, the drawings could be monthly. It's working well for us.

I agree that Sew-in"s help, as well as the other things suggested. Good luck!


Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

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