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kmrchr posted on Sat, Mar 22 2014 5:00 PM

I own a long arm but I am not using it for business just for myself. Wondering what others use to plan out their quilting. Is there some sort of standard items I should keep track of....length, width, thread, etc?? 

Does anyone have a sample sheet they would be willing to share??


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  I also have a long arm, for about 3 years now. Also, not for business, but thinking this year, I may open it up for others to "rent".  So far, I am learning the craft, I do all free-motion so far. Wanting to learn Pantographs next.  

  Not sure on your question?  Are you asking how do we decide what pattern to quilt on the top? I draw my pattern that I am thinking of for each quilt, on a white board to see how I will start and which direction to go in. I also have several books I look at for ideas of patterns, I take a lot of pics of quilts that I like the quilting on them. There is also a few free you tube videos that go over long arm quilting.  I am watching Linda Taylors new YouTube videos, free, she has about 8-9 so far. I think I'm on #6 and really like her style of teaching.  Angela Walters is also one I really like her style.  I have a few of her videos that I have bought on the website for feathers, ect. 

I have a Handiquilter 18, so I use the stitch regulator,  I usually put the stitch length at 9 for my regular quilting and 5 or 6 when I am basting to the back for top and sides.   My long arm will quilt up to a queen size, so I don't worry about the size of the top. 

  Not sure if I answered any of your questions. 

Michelle B
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