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sharonbettis posted on Thu, Jan 9 2014 12:54 PM

I have only been at this for a couple of years and am new to the community.  I finished two twin size quilts for two grandkids for Christmas.  I tried the wash, dry, iron and straighten before cutting and still had the same problems with uneven and lopsided cuts.  I am now looking at different fabric cutters and my question is, "Do you still have to make sure that your material is perfectly straight?"  I tried the rotary cutters but after cutting my thumb really bad I've gone back to using my scissors (like my mother-in-law did).  I fondly signed the quilts "Grannies puckered quilts" so will use the same name here :)  Thanks for all the help. 


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I'm fairly new and had the same problem. Here's some things I did. 1) always square up your fabric before starting. If u aren't sure how, ask at your local quilt store and they will be more than willing to show u how. 2) make sure your rotary cutter blade is sharp. 3) firmly hold your ruler down and "walk" your hand up it (again your local quilt store can show u how. 4) don't cut more than 3 or 4 layers. 5) check for square after every 2 or 3 cuts. 6) I took a couple beginners class war JoAnns and they were very helpful. And if u can find some quilters in your community, get to know them. I have NEVER met a quilter that didn't mind helping. They are the nicest people out there. And new quilting friends are like family. Good luck. 

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... What I'm considering is the accuquilt, or similar cutting system.  My concern is that if I can't get the hang of straightening the material then I'm going to be having the same challenges.  ....

Sharon.... Yes, you will have the same issues with a cutting system if you are not on the grain.

 I suggest that you friend CarylAnne so that she can send you the PDF of her tutorial on straightening fabric. .... It took me a while to get all the steps down but I did get them from following her instructions. They are good. I hope that helps. ...

I agree with what some of the others have said about using scissors. I could never cut straight without my rotary cutter (though I did begin quilting back in the day before.... Back then we used templates and lined them up with the straight grain of the fabric, traced them, and then cut accurately but it still wasn't as accurate as the rotary cutter.) ...

Let me know if I can help. I'm sure that there are videos on the Web. Google "straightening fabric for quilting" and see what you get.

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

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