batting or no batting, that is the question.

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mdt141 posted on Tue, Dec 17 2013 12:32 AM

Hi all,

I've visited this website many times to find help for my first time in making a quilt. I made the mistake of starting off with a queensized quilt.. and now I need some advice. I have completed the top of my quilt made with cotton fabric, and now it's time I start putting it together. The person I am making the quilt for wants the backing to be a soft microfiber. (Similar to the blanket in the picture at the bottom of the page: ) has anyone tried backing a quilt with something like this? And if so did you use batting? And if not what is your oppinion on what I should do? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. :)

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gini replied on Tue, Dec 17 2013 2:01 AM

I have made small quilts with minke on the back with and without batting.  They both work well.  It depends on what you want, how warm, how heavy, etc.  if you go without a batt, I would tie it.  Without the body of the batt, the quilting would get lost.

gini in north idaho

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Patti replied on Tue, Dec 17 2013 8:54 AM

I have had success with minke too.  but it is stretchy and harder to work with.  I did a little smaller than twin size quilt, and used batting.  And did a fairly wide stitch in the ditch.  I think I would have had problems with anything more elaborate.  For that large a quilt, and being one of your first ones, tying it might be easiest. 


Chiliwist Valley

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Sarah replied on Thu, Dec 19 2013 9:11 AM

Hi there,

I just finished a  baby/lap quilt backed with similar fabric.  I wanted to use that fabric so the bottom of the blanket would be extra soft for the child so they'd use it as they grow up.  I used batting to make it a bit warmer.  I used quilting safety pins to hold everything in place and did a stitch in the ditch all the way around my border to get things stabilized.  As long as you keep things safety pinned outside of the immediate area you are working in things should go splendidly.  I would recommend that you leave the pins in however, because the weight of the backing may cause you to get a wrinkle in your backing.  I used a bottom thread that matched my backing fabric so the quilting stitches would not be so visible.  It looked great and felt wonderful!  Good luck with your project!

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