Are we being blocked from using QCA

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zoetc49 replied on Tue, Dec 10 2013 12:28 AM

I do plan to stay here, but I did join up with SDC and it only took me a few minutes, maybe I was lucky? 

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Does anyone else know of an enjoyable quilting forum?

Since I do not have or want Facebook I have been trying out for the past six weeks. I can access it several times a day and it has never been down. There is no spam and only one discrete add for the daily deal. Registration is free. The site is very active with quilters. I have already meet  some very nice people.

Sadly there are a few negative people.

You might want to consider it.

Denise Smart

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Susie replied on Tue, Dec 10 2013 7:45 AM

I have always paid for my membership because I more than make up that cost in JoAnn discounts.  However, I am seriously debating about no longer doing that.  I can seldom get on QCA, and with my craziness going on at home and work, it's hard to find computer time.  (Of course, it doesn't help that MY computer bit the dust so I have to use one of the kids' laptops and I HATE the keyboards/mouse.)

I'll still try to hang out.  I do miss all the various group activities that we have here and not so much on SD yet.  But I can access SD from my phone much easier than I can QCA.


Chicagoland, Illinois

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I invite all of you to try Quilting Haven out.  BTW, I Binged "Snickerdoodle quilting forum" and all that came up were cookie recipes and a couple of links to QB and back here.  Could someone PM me the actual URL?

For those looking for links, Quilting Haven is HERE.  The registration page explains that the site is unmoderated, so I wonder if spam is an issue here.  

I've been under the weather so just now getting back to this thread.  I'm on Quilting Haven several times a day and have never encountered spam.  The list owners do a very good job of keeping it away.  I'm not sure about the"no  moderation" part, because each section lists moderators.  I think what they mean is it is not censored strictly at QB sometimes seems to be.  I've enjoyed the forum and it has become the primary quilting place I hang out. 



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